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Cholé Rosmerta
21 December
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Full Name: Cholé Rosmerta
Nicknames: Rosy is fine!
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 21
Year: 7th
Age: 17

Blood: Halfblood, actually! My...Grandmum, on my Da's side, she was a muggle! Lovely lady, though!
Parents It's just me and my Da, actually. Mum passed away, going on about 6 years ago...
Siblings: Only me and Da, as I said!
Other family: Hm..My crazy Aunt Joon! She's nutters, really is! Sends me scarves all the time! I love her!

Wand: Mahogany, 13 inches, unicorn hair
House: Ravenclaw! Da was so proud! Just like Him!
Best Classes: Hm.I'm pretty good at potions, actually! And Charms, but who isn't, really?
Favorite Classes:I fancy Defense against the dark arts! And...charms! Ha!

Sexual preference: Oh, I think I'm hetero! I rather fancy a fit bloke! Like Sirius and his crew or the Prewitt brothersEddy's rather cute, too
Turn ons:I rather like a good smile! A kind eyes, a great sense of humour, a charmer is always nice as well!
Turn offs: Hm, rudeness, lack of manners, egos the sizes of cities, that sort of thing
Relationships: Oh, a few summer flings back home, yeah, but that's about it!
Crushes: Ah, not telling!

Height: 5'11.
Weight: 146 lbs
Eyes/Vision: Brown/excellent
Hair: Blond
Build:Lanky? Ha, I don't know, I look fine!
Defining Marks: Oh, I dunno, I have a great smile! Hee!
Hearing: Fine!
Left/Right/Ambi: Right!
Health: Smashing!
Dress Style: I rather like some muggle styles, jeans, that lot!

Intovert/Extrovert: Oh, extrovert! I'm quite outgoing!
Mental Health: Well, I'm certainly not Aunt Joon!
Phobias/Fears:I hate spiders!
Quirks: Oh, I smile a lot to myself. Lot's to smile about, you know!
Skills:I don't know, I'm a people person? Does that count?

Likes: Well, I love to dance, laugh, chat, cook, help others, bring smiles to faces! that kind of thing! I also love to read, classics and the likes! I rather like mysteries and horror novels! And I love any music! Classical, modern, whatever! Bowie to Beethoven!
Dislikes: Well, my turn offs, really! Ha, and I'm not a huge fan of jerks!

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